Leaving stuff behind…..

I’ve just heard of a 90 year old lady who passed away last week.  What’s unusual about this, you ask?  Well, the executor of her estate is the custodian at our office.  He’s not her son nor her brother.  Him and his wife befriended her years ago because her sons didn’t want anything to do with her, anymore.  The boys put her in a home and sat waiting for her to die to collect her “stuff” and her money.

and die she did.  “Sweet Gary” (which is how my friend T and i refer to him) and his wife were visiting  her sister out west who has cancer when they got the call to come home because “Ruth” had passed away.  So, back they came to begin the process of making the funeral arrangements and disposing of her items…. and of course, the sons are right there taking her stuff from them……

Is this strange to you? Is this how life is supposed to end?  Sitting alone in a nursing home with your family not wanting anything to do with you but waiting for the stuff you leave behind?  when i hear of instances like this it makes me very sad. I’m such a relationship person and it makes me cherish my relationships even more.  I can almost guarantee that i won’t have any money left for my kids to fight over when i’m dead but i  hope they will at least be around to execute my memorial (which i pretty much already have planned) and weep a bit……

How about you?  Is there a riff in a relationship you need to fix?  will your family be weeping at your funeral because they’re sad you’re gone or because they didn’t get that big screen tv that you had in your bedroom? hmmmmmmm……………….


One response to “Leaving stuff behind…..

  1. I like this blog, it’s a good reminder to all of us.

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