Back to Class…..

Went back to class last night after Christmas break.  New topic… new teacher…. new room…. new textbook… assignements….BUT  same classmates!  It was like a reunion!  Everyone was happy to see each other; we were asking each other how their break was, were they excited about the new class?  It was reminiscent of the show “Community” on NBC the other night about a community college…. only we didn’t hug each other….. we’re not THAT close, yet 🙂

so, as always, i’m a bit overwhelmed today with the thought of book reports, lesson plans, readings, on-line discussions, this deadline, that deadline, and should i quit every activity between now and April to make sure i can get everything done…..  and the thoughts, am i doing the right thing?  can i do this?  what AM i doing, anyway?  will this even go anywhere…. those stupid negative thoughts that drive me to stress-ville are filling my head and causing me to feel a bit anxious.

so, today, i will get out my notebook, find a calendar and make a good, easy-to-read and follow plan.  I won’t quit life, i will continue to embrace it and see this as the next step in pursuing a more rewarding life…. and along the way, i’ll complain about the work load and throw some fits and cry “I just can’t do this” and my family will encourage me to continue and in April, i’ll look back and think, “what was all the fuss about?”  Such is the life of a passionate person…..   i’ll keep you informed how i’m doing. 🙂


5 responses to “Back to Class…..

  1. Oh stop the drama!!!!! If you didn’t go to Fanshawe, we couldn’t be the Fanshawe trio. Ok, I just made that up. You just like to make a scene.

  2. I believe in you. You can do it.

  3. I’m proud of you Karen for taking a course. I don’t know how you have the energy in the evening; I lose all ambition by about 5 p.m.!
    I thought about going back to school but took too long and missed the registration deadline for a course at Brescia in January. Perhaps September!!

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