mornings are hard for some people. I don’t mind them but my husband hates mornings and he wishes that every morning he could sleep until noon….. which in my house growing up was just called “lazy”.  he doesn’t, of course.  I’ve learned that having some fun things to look forward to in the morning helps to get the day started right 🙂

i have three rituals that i’ve come to enjoy in the morning and that make the day easier to get started.  First of all, i love checking my facebook and email accounts in the morning.   i love to see who was up during the night, who sent me a funny message or who posted some new pics.  the night time can be busy for night hawks on the internet. 

the second morning ritual is the gym…. which i’ve already talked about in previous blogs so i won’t bore you with anymore of that.  i have tried the gym in the evenings, though, and i find i have more energy so that might be a change i make…… still thinking about it.

the last ritual i’ve come to enjoy is sharing my breakfast with Westley, our puppy ( yes, the one i’ve talked about before.)  He’s so funny because he can be playing in the other room, hear the bowl or plate come out of the cupboard and immediately race to the kitchen to see what i’m preparing.  He sits right at my feet and waits for whatever i’ll give him.  I’ve learned he doesn’t like plain toast ( but who does?) but he’ll eat bagles with chipotle cream cheese or cinnamon Kashi cereal and he loves peanut butter.  This morning we even tried a Toaster Strudel and he loved that, too…. especially the icing…. but who doesn’t love icing?

so today i would encourage those of you who hate mornings to find 2 or 3 things you really like to do and make them part of your AM ritual…. it might just help get you out of bed….. Good luck! 🙂


4 responses to “Mornings

  1. Perky sp ! I had today off and slept ’til Noon. (all the while thinking I should be going to get that Gym membership) How can we get the best of both worlds ! I love sleeping in and lingering in that dream state between sleep and awake. Then when my cats snuggle up and doze with me, there is no other place I’d rather be.
    But then the reality sinks in around noon that I have accomplished nothing and have gained weight, there is laundry to fold, put away. Dishes to wash. Cat litter to scoop. …etc…not to mention the special things I want to do someday when I get all the maintenance done.
    So Kudos to you S.P. and until I can get my lazy behind out of bed, I’ll just pretend you are being annoyingly perky. But just know that I am really jealous of your motivation !
    ~ OBJ

  2. I liked your blog, but you forgot to mention coffee! That’s the only thing I even open my eyes for in the morning! Hope all is well??

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