Can You Laugh at Yourself?

today’s blog was inspired by two things i’ve done lately that i can’t even believe i’ve done.  Now the fact  i’m putting this out there for my readers and the whole world to see if evidence that yes, i CAN laugh at myself. 

here they are:

#1 unbelievable event……i walked outside to get into the car to go to work and then realized, “Hey, i still have my slippers on!”  oops!  i turned around, walked back into the house and put shoes on.  To be honest, i’ve done that a lot lately!  is absent-mindedness creeping in or just too much on my mind?  maybe i’m just too comfy in my slippers….. yes… that’s what it is!

#2 unbelievable occurence….. i drove by this restaurant the other day and thought, “Hey, what did i do with those gift certificates i got from there for Christmas?”  and as soon as  i had processed that in my brain it dawned on me that they were still in the Christmas card they had come in…. but wait!  I dumped out the Christmas cards 2 weeks ago!  Shoot!    They say that over 50% of gift cards are never used…….. now i understand why.  When i told my husband and son about this, i got looks of disbelief….. maybe someone else should start to handle the family’s affairs?  not sure……  I guess i should make them promise me that if i start to walk outside to go to work with my jammies still on they will stop me……


6 responses to “Can You Laugh at Yourself?

  1. Dale (aka Daddy Nobucks)

    I was going to comment on your blog, but I forgot what I was going to say. Ha, ha

  2. I’m tempted to rifle through your trash every 8 days, just in case you “inadvertently” throw out something ELSE of value. You’re in Zone B, right?

  3. Hahaha…I hear ya!!! Feel your pain…..I am enjoying your blogs

  4. Sylvia says “The memory is the first to go.. ” I guess this is true? 😛

  5. You’re not getting old, it’s just your ‘hard drive’ is getting full, and your ‘computer’ is narrowing down to only necessary information. (doesn’t matter what is on your feet, as long as you’ve had breakfeast !) ! ~OBJ

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