Do you still dream?  Do you let your mind wander to the future? or things you’d like to do?   I’ve never been much for making goals but i like to dream. I remember a good friend said to me in university, ” what are your goals with your degree?”  I had no answer for him.  I was there to get a teaching degree and after that i dreamed i’d get a job.   that wasn’t how it turned out.

after 24 years, though, i finally have a plan with my BA in Education.  I was sharing that plan with my friend last night over sweet potato fries and panzerotti when she looked at me and said, “You still dream, don’t you?”  Funny, i hadn’t thought about it that way, but yes, i suppose i still do.

There was a time when i couldn’t or didn’t dream.  It seemed when i did dream and things didn’t turn out how i thought they should, i’d become discouraged and pretty much just give up on that stuff.  Why dream and plan when things didn’t turn out, anyway.  But that’s such a defeatist attitude and it’s hard to live that way.   i know people that live like that and they’re no fun to be around.  so, i’ve decided to find a dream, map it out and follow it the best i can.

What about you?  do you dream?  even a little?  how about a dream about a trip?  or what about that course you’ve always wanted to take? do you dream about losing weight or a new hair style?   i want to encourage you to do it!  dream it!  and see what happens!  You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!


One response to “Dreaming

  1. Jonathan Elliott

    I’m dreaming that I’m on the beach in the B’s!!!!! Well, ok the halls of Fanshawe. Maybe someday again!

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