the Raggedy Ann lesson….

I got my Raggedy Ann doll when i was 9.  I can’t remember asking for one but i’m sure i did because my parents usually got me what they could afford and this would’ve been a great birthday present for me and within their budget.  Raggedy Ann went everywhere with me.  i even remember pinning my “Brownie” pin on her when i got it.  i pinned it right on the pocket of her apron.  it was there for years.

Well, it’s 36 years later and i still have Raggedy Ann.  these days she lives up to her name….. “raggedy”.  She’s been washed and sewn together many, many times.  Her hair consists of little pieces of red string on her head.  She’s faded and her eye, that came off once in the wash, has been sewn back on. (and not very well, i might admit… i’m no seamstress.)  Her apron is tattered and thread bare from years of hugs and squeezes.

A couple of months ago, i decided that Raggedy Ann needed another bath.  She was looking pretty nasty so i put her in a pillow case to help shield her from the bumps of the washing machine, carefully tied up the case, put the machine on “delicate” and off she went for her bath.  when the cycle was over, i hurried over to pull her out and almost started crying.  My first indication of trouble was the amount of stuffing that i saw in the bag.  As i started to pull handfuls of it out, i also pulled out a leg….. unattached.  next came an eye and her apron.  by this time i was not only crying but getting mad at myself for even thinking that this was something smart that i had attempted.  Then i saw what actually scared me…. half of her face was totally gone…. it had disintegrated in the wash.

Needless, to say, i had a mess on my hands.  The first thing i did was to pull all of the pieces out of the pillow case and lay them on the table to dry.  then i opened the phone book to see if there were any doll repair places listed… there weren’t.  It was up to me to fix her. 

Raggedy Ann sat on my dresser chair for 2 months.  i haven’t had the heart to try and put her back together.  I really messed her up.  but then one day i looked at the little 1/2 smile that’s left on her face and i remembered the little heart on her chest that i have seen many, many times that says, “I Love You”  and i figured she’s forgiven me.

isn’t that what love is all about?  forgiving someone even though you’ve messed up?  Where would i be if everyone i’ve “messed up” refused to give me a smile and show me the heart on their chest?  I’d be a sad person who was waiting for needed repair many times over.

I finally picked her up the other day to fix her.  i wasn’t quite sure where to start but i started by sewing her leg back on after putting the stuffing back in it.  i sewed the apron back together and fixed her hair the best i could.  Her face is unrepairable so she now dons a pretty scarf that makes her look quite like a gypsy…… She’s still cute and still smiles at me everytime i look at her.  She’s forgiven me and i’ve promised her i’ll never wash her, again…..  Thanks, Raggedy Ann!  I love you, too 🙂


2 responses to “the Raggedy Ann lesson….

  1. I’m so glad to know that when I’ve been with you for 36 yrs. you’ll put me back together again!
    What a cute picture of you at 9! Even now as you’ve grown up, you’re partly still that little “giggly girl” in pigtails. Cool!

  2. Jonathan Elliott

    Very sweet blog. I’m going tattoo that on my chest now. hahaha

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