“I Want to Be a Puppy!”

i was watching our 8 month old Westie, Westley, lying on the kitchen floor the other day.  he was chewing on an old rawhide that has been around for awhile (he doesn’t seem to mind) and then he was rolling on his back with everything in plain view (if you get what i mean 🙂 again, not minding it at all).  He was licking and scratching and just having a good time.

it was at this point that i decided i want to be a dog.  Why not?  when you’re  a dog, the whole world is yours!  your meals are available all day.  someone cleans up your “stuff”, takes you for a walk, rubs your ears, and scratches your belly.  if you destroy something, all you have to do is give “the look” and you’re forgiven.  The world is a game.  you don’t care that you have messy hair or bad breath…. people love you anyway!  your home is comfy.  you eat when you want and sleep when you want. and some owners even leave music on the whole day so you’re not too lonely.  Your only expectation is to bark when you hear a noise (and i’m not so sure they don’t do it just to stay in the good books…..)  you run and jump and bark and play and just have a great time!  What in this world is happier than a dog?  Yup, the only one that doesn’t want to be a puppy is our cat…… “Garfield #2″……. that’s another whole story there!


7 responses to ““I Want to Be a Puppy!”

  1. I’m really impressed you can come up with interesting stuff each day. I have two male dogs and my daughter informed me that they don’t have private parts, they just hang out all the time. They certainly do have a good life with lots of treats. Speaking of treats…….I need chocolate.

  2. Jonathan Elliott

    I think Westley and I should switch places some day!!!

  3. Hey Suz P,
    If you were to get your wish, make sure you wish to be a well cared for Dog. ..not one in the Shelter on Death Row, or one with a bad owner who leaves him tied out all the time. That’s the bad side to being a dog, you are at the mercy of people, and not all of them are nice. 😦
    Be careful what we wish, A dogs life might look good, but you could be an expendable member of the family if the economy takes Mom or Dad’s income away. Also you will most likely be taken from your Mother and never see her again and possibly be sterilzed with a low end medical procedure and never have your own offspring, destined to be a human pet with no choices of your own to ever be made again. You are told what to eat, where and often when to go potty and if you are not ‘fixed’ who to ‘Breed’ with.
    Be glad you were chosen to be one of the Caretakers of others in this world, otherwise you could be powerless and that isn’t as attractive as having choices. ~woof ~J

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