I’ve Been Rude….

Well, here it is my second day of blogging.  I was thrilled at all of the responses yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who commented!  We’ll see if i’m still so popular today 🙂 

To clarify, Suzy Penny is my alter ego.  when i was a kid, Suzy Penny got blamed for everything that i didn’t want to confess to doing.  If i couldn’t blame my sisters, I’d blame Suzy.  The poor girl took a lot of heat from me but was always there when i needed her.  I decided long ago that if I ever wrote under an assumed name, it would be Suzy Penny.  I figured she should get something good in this world!

Onto today’s stuff.  I was waiting patiently in line this morning to register for my next set of ESL classes.  The office opened at 8:30, I had to be to work for 9.  So you can figure what that meant… stress at getting in, out and to work.  I was 4th in line outside of the office before the doors opened.  “Good!”, i thought to myself.  “Shouldn’t be a problem.”  When all of the sudden, a family came by that didn’t realize that we have “line rules” in Canada.  Yes, these are the same people i want to teach in a few months.  I was quite frustrated that they thought they could just walk in front of the line when everyone else had been waiting for several minutes.

As the hands on the clock ticked closer to 8:30, the line began to form closer to the door.  Just then, the lady came and unlocked the door, probably praying she wouldn’t be trampled like shoppers at a sale at Walmart, and opened it for us to come in.  I grabbed the door and held it open so the “Line Pushers” couldn’t get in front of me.  When all of the sudden, this young man, who had been in line in front of me, told me to go ahead of him.  I was so shocked, i held up the line for a split second while i processed what he had just said to me.  I thanked him, grabbed my number and went right to the counter.

As the lady was processing my registrations, i tried to find the nice kid who had done a good deed for an old lady 🙂 but he had already left.  It was then that i realized i had been rude.  I wanted my own way – to be first in line – to the detriment of being polite to others.  A young man showed me how it was supposed to be done.

Is it  really a big deal?  Everyone is rude, why not follow along with them?  Maybe that’s why this world is in such trouble….. everyone is following the rude people and not being like the young gentleman who let me go first.  I hope i can redeem myself at some point today and be polite to someone without even thinking about it……..


10 responses to “I’ve Been Rude….

  1. Jonathan Elliott

    I agree with you Suzie, we should all think about how we are treating others, and try to be nicer, even to those we can’t stand.

  2. Good decision to make, Jonathan….. even when it’s hard.

  3. Well well, didn’t you have a moral dilema? Glad to see you are taking the higher ground and trying to show love and not rudeness.

    Until people get the hint anad make you blog a daily ting I think you need to gently remind them with an email. (ie- BREAKING NEWS- Suzy Penny learns the Golden Rule! More 411 at


    May Suzy Penny only exist in the world of fiction!

  4. Wow! Didn’t actually realize I might learn something from your new blogging idea. Great reminder, now I need to go do something nice. That might be hard for me!

  5. WAIT JUST A STINKIN’ MINUTE!!!! If Suzy got blamed for everything then why was I the one getting punished for it??? I’m tellin’ MOM!!

    Love the blog, keep it up! 🙂

  6. Suzy, your young gentleman may have had his rushed or rude moment in the past, he was possbily paying forward for past mistakes or forgiveness given to him. He most likely sensed your urgency and was himself more flexible. Give yourself some slack, learn from how you felt and pay it forward when you are able. Practice a random act of kindness and let it be your penance. You know you are a good person, and you gave that young man the opprotunity to give you a gift, which was in turn a gift for him. He was able to go on with his day knowing he did something nice. Hopefully he liked the feeling and will continue to do nice things whenever possible. You and he have endless possiblities to do so and I know you will take advantage of soo many of them, because that’s who you are and how you were raised. I remember a long time ago you forgave a snotty little guy who challenged you for your position in the Band because he couldn’t see past himself. You forgave him (easier since he lost the challenge) and it took a while , but he learned from you and that was a valuable gift. ..Hey but whose blogg is this anyway ? ~ OBJ-ski

    • OBJ-ski… you still make me laugh….. i’d forgotten all about that horrible “challenge day”…. i’m glad we ‘re still friends! Much Love to YOU!

  7. I’ve noticed a few times lately how the “right” person seems to be next to me at the right moments. Sounds like you had one of those moments! People can be so rude, especially driving. No matter what, the other cars have to be in front of mine. Then after they’ve pulled out directly in front of me, they suddenly feel the need to drive cautiously just to slow me down! lol!

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