Hello world!

Well, i’ve jumped in and finally started a blog.  I’ve been wanting to do this since i saw the movie Julie and Julia.  No, i’m not aspiring to be a great cook and i will NOT attempt to cook through a cook book but i do want to blog. 

I welcome comments and suggestions to whatever i blog about.  Please be nice, though…. i’m quite sensitive 🙂 

Today is my daughter’s 23rd birthday.  How in the world can i have a daughter that old?  I think back to the day that she was born.  She was late arriving…… which is pretty funny to think about now because she’s always late wherever she goes…… she polychronic, let’s just say.  It was a freezing cold day when she was born.  It was a Sunday and my parents knew i had gone in to have her.  It was just before the Sunday service was to start and my dad, who was the preacher, called the hospital to see if there was any news to report at church.  He talked to my husband and was told she had been born at 10:42am.  The story goes on that my dad walked into church, walked over to my mom who was playing the organ whispered the good news in her ear and then announced to the congregation about the arrival of his first grandchild.  Because this was my home church, a shout of celebration went up and everyone cheered. 

I tell her that story ever year…… to embarrass her and to remind her how special she is to so many people.  I believe God gave me kids to keep me young, honest and to show us a bit about how much He loves us…. thanks, God. i won’t forget……


10 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Jonathan Elliott

    Who is the lady? She is a great writer. I’m checking back every day to see what she’s writing!

  2. Lol! You guys are too funny. Great start Karen! I was born 8 days early, hence I tend to be early everywhere , and Chris was born 10 days late, therefore he tends to run late. So it would stand to reason that since Nathan was born almost 100 days early, that he would arrive at things say, the day before! NOT SO!

  3. Who is Suzypenny and what does that name mean?
    Nice story though, Suzy. Will this story be a part of your memoir book that you’ve been called on to write?

  4. Good Start Karen! Loved hearing that story. I didn’t know…… How can you be old enough for a 23 yr old???? We haven’t aged that much since SAC!! HA HA.

  5. "Daddy Nobucks"

    Way to go Suz! As has been said, you are a gifted writer but you don’t have much self confidence. So I along with your FAN CLUB will cheer you on!! Like you, I can’t believe it was 23 years ago either. My loving suggestions are as follows, keep them succinct like this first blog. Good job. Also, keep things simple (you did) but remember that your readers don’t know that Suzy Penny is your alter ego, for example. That’s all, great start!
    With Much Love,

  6. Hey S.P. , that was an EZ read, smooth on the psyche, and leaving me wanting more ! Don’t forget your own birth story of how you were born singing !(ps. I loved Julie/Julia too.) ~ OBJ-ski

  7. I get it. If you used your real name instead of “Suzypenny”, the response would be overwhelming. Very smart.

  8. Hey there Suzy! Lovin’ the new blog! Promise me you will stay at it more than I have… I don’t think I’ve updated mine in 14 months…. OOPS!

    Looking forward to reading about many more adventures.


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